5 Natural Ways to Reverse Peripheral Neuropathy

An estimated 20 million people in America alone suffer from peripheral neuropathy.

The condition results in the damage of peripheral nerves causing problems for legs and hands. In the worst case scenario, it can result in complications to your internal organs and overall coordination and balance of your body.

A common cause of peripheral neuropathy is diabetes, but it can also result from injuries, infections and exposure to toxins. Symptoms include pain, a pins-and-needles sensation, numbness and weakness.
For an examples includes
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome (a painful wrist and hand disorder often associated with repetitive tasks on a computer keyboard)
  • Bell’s palsy (a facial nerve disorder)

Nonetheless, there is good news. Peripheral Neuropathy can be managed effectively by tackling the symptoms and reversing the damage.

Below are 5 natural ways to reverse peripheral neuropathy which can help you manage the condition well.

  1. Perform Regular Heat Treatment

peripheral neuropathy

For a long time, heat treatment has been found to be useful in treating body pains. Are you suffering from peripheral neuropathy? Try heat treatment.

Warm water treatment has been found to increase blood circulation throughout the body and reducing pain-related symptoms caused by numbness. Try taking a warm bath on a day to day basis. Also, massaging the affected areas with hot water will also help.

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  1. Take Medication as Required

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Treating peripheral neuropathy requires proper medication since they will help you live through the pain.

With the drugs, you will be able to reduce the pain symptoms and help your body cope well with the pain. Being a noninvasive treatment technique, it helps to give you control over your body. A combination of ingestible drugs and pain ointments will offer the much-needed relief.

Importantly, ensure that your doctor strictly prescribes the medications you take. Avoid consuming over the counter drugs to prevent you from suffering complications.

  1. Take Nutritional Supplements

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For some, conventional medicines have not worked well, forcing them to opt for other treatment options. The use of Dietary Nutritional supplements has also helped in the treatment of peripheral neuropathy.

According to studies, nutritional supplements have been proven to offer neuropathic pain relief for individuals. One such dietary supplement currently in use is the Nerve Renew.

The supplement has undergone numerous studies to ensure that it offers some form of relief for patients including reducing burning sensations, tingling sensations and strengthening and repairing nerves. The supplement has a combination of natural herbs and ingredients that combine effectively to stimulate nerve pain repair and healing.

For more information on Nerve Renew Supplement, click here.

  1. Regular Exercises

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Regular exercising helps to offer body pain relief, making it an excellent remedy for peripheral neuropathy.

By continually being active, the nerves get the chance to self-repair with the reduction in blood sugars aiding the process. Moreover, exercises help keep the blood circulation up and running, thus reducing discomfort and pain. Studies show that a 10-week intense aerobic and resistance program can offer peripheral neuropathy relief.

Other non-physical exercise forms such as acupuncture can help in offering relief by stimulating the body’s pressure points through the release of pain reduction chemicals. Meditation and yoga can also assist in relieving neuropathic pains by lowering stress and improving your body’s pain coping skills.

  1. Staying Clear Of Alcohol and Smoking

According to studies, an estimated 50% of people who excessively consume alcohol and indulge in heavy smoking, are found to develop nerve damage after some time.

Continuing to drink alcohol can worsen your nerve damage. In most cases, the alcohol will interfere with proper drug functioning or disrupt intake of appropriate diet leading to low body immunity. Stopping such bad habits will go a long way in helping you recover from your peripheral neuropathy condition faster.

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So, if you feel a sympton like pain, needle sensation, weakness, you must be carefully. Don’t think it’s just an effect because you too tired. Just, go to the doctor to do consultation or do this 5 natural ways to reverse peripheral neuropathy.

Anyway, have you ever got peripheral neuropathy or your friends, family? Please share your story on comment below.

Have a good day, my dear friends …



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