Can Alcoholic Neuropathy be Healed?

Peripheral neuropathy refers to damage that impairs the normal function of your nerves. It affects specific glands, functions, movements, or sensations depending on the location and use of the affected nerves.

This damage results from many things including physical trauma, systemic illness, infections, or an inherited disorder. In some cases, excessive consumption of alcohol leads to neuropathy as well. Sadly, information on alcoholic neuropathy is scanty. For example, many people ask, “can alcoholic neuropathy be healed?”

Well, here’s 5 ways to heal alcoholic neuropathy which you can do.

  1. Over-The-Counter (OTC) Medication

alcoholic neuropathy

The symptoms of alcoholic neuropathy include a numb, tingling, or prickling feeling in your hands or feet. Others include a jabbing, burning, or throbbing pain.

Dealing with this pain is possible if you simply have these medications over your counter. You can go for naproxen, acetaminophen, and ibuprofen. These medicines are pain relievers that soothe your nerves relieving the pain that you are feeling.

However, this treatment for alcoholic neuropathy is misguided because the consumption of both pain relievers and alcohol is harmful to your health.

2. Vitamin Supplements for Alcoholic Neuropathy

alcoholic neuropathy2

Some of the possible remedies for alcoholic neuropathy lead to serious consequences for the people who have this condition. For example, they can cost these people financially.

The side effects that result from these treatments can be detrimental to their health. Therefore, one of the least harmful ways of treating alcoholic neuropathy is by going for vitamin supplements.

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Did you know that vitamin B12, B6, B3, B1, and E help you maintain a healthy nervous system? Therefore, consuming supplements of these vitamins reduces the severity of alcoholic neuropathy.

3. Physical Therapy for Alcoholic Neuropathy

alcoholic neuropathy3

This neuropathic disorder affects body movement in addition to causing tingling or prickling sensations in your limbs. For example, it can lead to muscle spasms, cramps, and atrophy.

You can also lose muscle function because of it. In this case, physical therapy is the best way of restoring the function of your muscles. It will build these muscles as well in addition to improving your mobility.

Physical therapy treatments include using treadmills, massages, swimming, and electrical stimulation among others.

4. Changing Your Lifestyle and Eating Habits

alcoholic neuropathy4

The most significant lifestyle change you can make if you have alcoholic neuropathy is to forgo the consumption of alcohol. Remember, the intake of this substance is the primary cause of your neuropathic condition if you have alcoholic neuropathy.

Avoiding cigarettes is an excellent idea as well. Remember, cigarettes contain a neurotoxin known as acrolein. This neurotoxin exacerbates neuropathic pain by activating the proliferation of TRPA1 pain receptors.

Lastly, consuming a balanced diet mitigates the impact of this condition on your body.

5. Antidepressants for Alcoholic Neuropathy

alcoholic neuropathy5

Usually, medical professionals go for this drug as their choice for treating patients with neuropathy. They do that because antidepressants are effective when it comes to treatment of pain.

More specifically, they work on the brain, peripheral nerves, and spinal cord directly to relieve it. Some commonly used antidepressants for neuropathic pain are venlafaxine, desvenlafaxine, and serotonin-norepinephrine.

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However, they might be ineffective for alcoholic neuropathy because combining alcohol and antidepressants leads to depression or doing so might worsen it. Click here for more information on alcoholic neuropathy.

Hope this 5 ways to heal alcoholic neuropathy can help you. It’s not too late to start! Change your life style and go to the doctor for consultation.

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