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Hi, I’m Ranny, my full name is Ranny Afandi. Currently living at Solo, but sometimes I’d like go back to my hometown, Manado.

I’m an author of The Banker Novel was published by Divapress, also a writer of some antology fiction were was published by Indie publishing.  Now, I’m a content creator and editor at Rocking Mama. I also like to write an article for some website. And a freelance book’s editor.

I love book so much, sometimes spend a little time watching movie at cinema or at home. I’m a cooking lover, find a new recipe is a new adventure for me hehehe. And I like photography! Yiaay, especially food photography, well you can see my photos on my IG account @rannyrainy.

I have been working since 2008 at Jawa Pos Group, Manado Post as administration advertising. But, since marriage (2012), I decide to resign and being a full time housewife.

I love writing much. That’s why I made this blog to share everything I’ve got.

Started blogging since 2003 at (not active anymore), then 2006 at, until 2011 I decided to make a personal blog with own domain. is a journal about food, healthy and life. Which is, I’d like to write many things about food, healthy tips, recipe and sometimes I write about random things like traveling, parenting and about life.


I recieve a job review for review product, food, restaurant, kid’s things and everything were related with my blog. You can see who I ever worked on in ‘review’ category.


Feel free to ask me about post blog, send a product, how to work with my blog, invitation, or give feedback to my blog.

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