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What You Need To Know To be an Integrative Dentist

The main work of a dentist is to take care of a patient’s teeth. In recent times, we are seeing a new breed of dentists whose work and approach are on a new level. These practitioners are known as integrative dentists.

If you want to become a dentist, you may have to choose between becoming a mainstream one or the ones that believe in holistic dentistry (integrative dentists).

The following article provides a descriptive brief for individuals who want to know what it takes to become an integrative dentist.

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Change your approach

When you visit a dentist, they will use their experience to help determine the diagnosis of what is causing a problem within your tooth. It is their expertise and their knowledge is often trustworthy.

Nevertheless, most dentists only treat the symptoms, which means that they may not deal with the problem completely.

Contrary to this, integrative dentists such as Holistic Dentistry USA believe that any oral problem comes because of difficulty in your body. The dentist will try to deal with the problem from a holistic perspective.

Meaning, if you want to become an integrative dentist, you may have to start approaching oral problems as an issue resulting from deficiencies the body is experiencing.

Get ready to face some criticism

Not everybody loves new things. That is what integrative dentists face every day. Mainstream dentists criticize these dentists because of their approach.

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Some of the criticisms revolve around the fact that holistic dentists do not use well-researched treatments. Additionally, they say that these practitioners overcharge their clients.

However, the issue should not be about pricing. Because these experts are not treating the oral symptoms only, you may have to brush off these claims entirely.

Change your treat methods

Regardless of the numerous criticisms these dentists receive, you should understand that their treatments are very different from the rest. For instance, when making tooth fillings and replacements, an integrative dentist will use ceramic or porcelain crowns.

Additionally, they insist on using fillings that do not have mercury.

You will also have to advise the patient accordingly. After a successful diagnosis, you, as an integrative dentist, may have to recommend specific changes in terms of lifestyle and nutrition.

Patients may also have to engage in natural ways of cleaning their teeth, such as using a Miswak.

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Use the latest technology

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Even though you recommend natural medicines to treat oral illness, you have to make use of the newest technology. For instance, where you may have to eliminate a mercury filling, you will require using the latest tech.

You will also require doing a thorough check-up sometimes. Meaning, you need microscopes and x-rays to help you accomplish this.


Despite criticisms from various professions, you should not fear to learn how to become an integrative dentist. The method is safe since it deals to seek the root of the problem as opposed to treating the symptoms, which many mainstream dentists do.

If you are new to this field, the best thing is to find people with experience that can help you get to your feet. Be willing to learn, since you might have to learn new things that are not in the dentistry curriculum.

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