7 Benefits That You Will Get From a Cup of Coffee


We can’t deny that coffee in this time become a life style. You may say im too much with that. But, hey! Look up in coffee shop, how many people want to spend an hour to be there just to chill out with friends, runaway a while from job or maybe some of them buy  a coffee just want to take a shot then upload it on any social media especially instagram.

Some people say can’t live without coffee a day. They labeling their selves as a coffee addicted or coffee lover. Without drink a cup of coffee, they can’t start a work or even mood a day will got distraction. Hufftt!

Many companies produce an instant coffee with some variant flavor. It make us will more easy to drink it without go to coffee shop. But, have you ever think, why an instant coffee price is so cheap? Well, for me, i prefer to drink a trully coffee were made from a good seeds. In my country,we  have a lot of local coffee with a good taste! And one of it isvery famous all over the world. The price? Well, more expensive than instant coffee depend on robusta or arabica.

To make a trully coffee (okay, i use to say trully coffee because it’s process) is not an easy one. From my friend were have a coffee shop, I know that to plant a coffee must in good land and can’t mixed with other plant. He said, one land must have one variety coffee, this is like to produce a wine. Beside choosing a good seeds, the process also very important. Dose of water, sugar and how long to brew it will produce some of good taste coffee.

How about benefit a cup of coffee? Hehehe I bet, you will not recognize that cup of coffee have some good benefit to our body and life.

So, here’s 7 benefits that you will get from a cup of coffee.

  1. Fewer chances of developing cancer, especially breast colon cancer and endometrial.
  2. A longer life. Wow, this is great, right? You may say thanks to the antioxidants found in coffee beans. People who drank three or five cups a coffee a day were less likely to die prematurely from a host of diseases, including Parkinson’s, than non-coffee drinkers. This is a study published in Circulation found
  3. Skin cancer protection. Basal cell carcinoma is the most common type of skin cancer. With drinking three or more cups caffeinated coffee (or getting your caffeine from tea or hot chocolate) can lower your risk of getting this kind of skin cancer.
  4. A lower risk for developing type 2 diabetes. Coffee (both caffeinated and decaf) contains two substances : cafestol and caffeic acid, that can help regalute blood sugar and insulin production, protecting you againts diabetes. This is according to researchers in Denmark
  5. Better moods. Here’s where caffeinated brews also have an edge. In a long term study involving 50.000 women, those who drank the most cups of caffeinated coffee had the lowest risk of depression.
  6. A sharper brain. Caffeine is a stimulant, responsible for the jolt in energy we get in the morning and an bility to focus and think more quickly. But several studies on mice and one on humans shows a protective effect againts dementia for those who drink one to three cups a day.
  7. Fewer strokes. In study were involving 82.000 Japanese citizens, researchers found that just one cup of coffee cut your risk of stroke by 20%

Those benefit are great, right? One thing that you must remember, that you must balance your coffee with healthy life. Means, you must eat good food, do an exercise and sleep well. Not just coffee, coffee and coffee without do an other like I said. I bet, your body will feel not delicious! Not benefit you get but sick!

Happy Monday, fellas and enjoy coffee..


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