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4 Tips for Choosing a Crib

At no point should your baby sleep on a sheepskin, pillow, sofa or armchair. A crib is an essential tool for any home with a baby.

Crib is the best way to have for you (a new mom) to get some proper rest without scare your baby can fallen from bed while you’re sleeping. With crib, your baby will be in safety place and you can do some activites without fear.

But, due to the many types of baby cribs available, it might be impossible to decide which one is right for your baby. Because of this it is important to take a careful look at a crib before buying it.

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The most recommended thing to do is to check and to make sure that you buy a crib that is safe for your baby through factors like personal preference, convenience, and price.

Here are 4 tips that you can use to choose a crib.


how to choose baby crib

It’s important that before you buy a crib, you make sure the model is reliable and comfortable for your baby. Safety should be your top priority, and you can check to see how safe and effective is by reading online reviews.

Apart from safety measures ensured by the manufacturer, there are specific safety issues that you can control on your own when using the crib. These include the distance between the slates. With an adjustable crib, you can ensure your crib is safe before you lay your baby to rest. Also check for other dangers like chipped paint, loose or missing screws, and any other hardware.

Consider the Type of Mattress

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When buying a crib, you need to buy an accompanying mattress that is firm enough to help prevent certain complications and ensure that your baby is comfortable.

A firm and comfortable mattress also ensures that you prevent your child from conditions such as the sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), which is an occurrence where a baby dies in their crib.

Get a mattress that fits tightly against the crib frame, leaving no space between the mattress and crib walls that might be dangerous when your baby  tosses or turns in his/her sleep.

Plan for the Future

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With time your baby will grow and chances are that they will outgrow your crib. Buy a crib made from durable materials such as pressed wood or wood that can easily be transformed into toddler beds and twin beds, making them serve you for a long time saving you the cost of buying a new bed.

Although they cost more than the simple baby cribs, they are durable and can last to over twenty years.

Choose the Right Add-On

how to choose baby crib4

sumber :

If you are adding accessories such as toys that the baby can play with, you need to buy toys for the side of the crib, especially the mobile ones which are most recommended when your baby is immobile.

Musical toys keep the baby occupied, and he/she can listen to music and play with the different features as he/she gets older. These accessories have to be attached correctly so as not to fall into the crib.

Whichever type of crib you go for, whether you choose a traditional or modern design, ensure that it’s one that is safe and will last a long while.

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Anyway, did you use crib at home? Maybe you can share some tips on comment below. 😉


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