On Last June

It’s been so long didn’t update this blog L hikz! Connection in my hometown very bad! I usually use handphone for thetering wi-fi, I don’t have any modem cos I think use phone more easily *lol*. Sometimes when do call, connection lost while talking, make me really upset! I try use three operator but last one more better.

Now, we’re going on 13 days of fasting. So, grateful wheather in here very friendly. Sometimes hot, party cloudy and rain. My condition also going well. My sickness going less. I can cooking again. More than it, I can do photography session again, especially food photography.

But, there’s one thing make me sad. I can’t watch on cinema cos my best friend, Mita, still in recovery her foot after accident. And in here I can’t download movie yeah connection very bad, and also don’t have a place to buy good pirate DVD. So, I lose many good movie, hikz! My willing of reading also jump into the lowest phase, oh My God, this one really bead ever! I didn’t read any book this month, what a shame!!!! Seems like I must open my book box to see is there any books that I didn’t read yet!

Two days ago, I red my friend write on her timline FB about statement of one famous Chef, Chef Marinka. She said, secret of her healthy life is choose some friends to be friend not at all. Yes, I agree with her. Some of friends must crop in frame of life, not becos Im arogant, no! But some friends give a negative aura were very not good for health! I also told about this to my best friend, ET. I know he already crop some friends cos feel uncomfort. I have many social media, so in direct I have many friends. But, not at all have my contact number. I just give to whom I trust and feel comfort with them. Last week, i left one group in LINE. So noising a whole day!!! I just think, they chat from morning until afternoon, in my mind : is they don’t have any job at home? Really noising, I trying to stand for several days, but I give up. My battery become drain fast, also disturbing me a lot with many notification.

I love when Ramadhan come! Taste of Ramadhan can’t find in other month. Many traditional cookies everywhere, cooking a lot, and most I like to see taste of ‘mudik’! Oh really loved to see peoples who very excited going back hometown.

Well, life about choose, right? We can choose anything in our life and we must ready to face risk of it *geez Im looks like a wise woman* hehehehe..

Happy fasting my dear friend and have a fabolous week!


Credit Photo : Zoran Stojanovic

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