5 Tips To Owning A Commercial Popcorn Maker

We all love popcorn.

The tantalizing buttery aroma in freshly popped popcorn can bring you good cheer as you remember some of your happiest moments that involved a bowl of fresh popcorn.

Popcorn is perfect for every occasion; whether you are at the movies or relaxing at home on a lazy afternoon, this healthy snack can be enjoyed by the whole family and it comes in many exciting flavors.

As an entrepreneur, starting and running a popcorn business can be very lucrative if you succeed in it. However, identifying, purchasing and owning a commercial popcorn maker can be both overwhelming and challenging.

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This is because there are many commercial popcorn makers in the market today. How do you ensure that you have obtained and owned the right one?

Here are 5 tips to owning a commercial popcorn maker.

  1. Look At The Wattage

Before obtaining and owning the popcorn machine, you will need to determine the wattage you require. Popcorn is a snack that is bought on site therefore if you intend to run your popcorn business in a high traffic entertainment setting consider owning a model with 650 watts or more.

The model you buy should also have a warming deck with at least 50 watts to keep the popcorn warm and fresh for hours after the preparation.

  1. Consider The Quality Of The Machine

Owning a  good commercial popcorn maker will require you to make a substantial investment.

It is therefore very important to look into the quality of materials used to make it. For a commercial machine that is used daily, it is advisable to obtain a heavy duty body made of premium steel for durability.

Machines with plastic gear can be cheaper, however, they will not last long and you might need to replace it after a few years.

  1. Look At The Manufacturer’s Warranty

Before acquiring a commercial popcorn machine, make sure that you understand the terms and conditions offered in the manufacturer’s warranty. How long will the warranty last? Are there conditions that can void coverage? What happens if the popcorn maker fails during the warranty period?

You also need to do your research on the company’s reputation and image especially in how they deal with customers. A company with bad reviews on customer service is not worth your money.

  1. What Are The Efficiency And Speed?

Get a machine that is highly efficient and has fast popping times. A machine that stops working midway or can’t keep up with the demand is very bad for business. You do not want your customers to move to your competitor because they got tired of standing in line.

  1. How Much Will It Cost You To Own The Machine?

Have a clear budget on what commercial popcorn maker you can afford. Consider both the purchase price and the total operating expenses. Depending on your financial situation, identify the features and accessories that you cannot compromise on. Remember, you can always start with a smaller commercial popcorn maker that is affordable and upgrade later on when business is booming.


There you have it; 5 tips to owning a commercial popcorn maker. At leelalicious.com you will find a comprehensive review of some of the best commercial popcorn maker in 2018. Make sure you check them out and make one of these great popcorn makers your own.  

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