A lil bit of longing

Yeah.. For a couples month, we will separated with distance. *sigh* it's very hard for us. But, this is our risk. After a years of LDR, we chosen to get merried. I promised to myself, NEVER far away from his side. But, God's has another plan. We must did it again coz a reason. And now, I'm sitting here, in my bedroom, can't sleep. Looking Athar were fallen asleep, there's a deep longing inside my heart. I miss my hubby much. But, I can't do anything. My hubby can't see Ahtar's growing. Well, I know it's just temporary for us until our home finish. Yeah..yeaahh..must lil patience. U know, it's feell so suck when u can't hugz ur hubby in the night and early morning. I miss to see, Athar's playing with his papa and we going out together.. Maybe, so bored to say it.. But, I will say it.. Miss you, hubby. :* Happy wiken, fellas..

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